Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Projects

Just a couple.  I did get another set of Barefoot Sandals.  I used Brown and Blue, so it matches one of the dresses I made for our cruise a few years ago.  (You can see the fabric here.)   I haven't decided if I'm going to leave it long, or maybe shorten it to either a dress or possibly just a top.  Trip's not until December, so I have time to decide.
Here is the last set:

And the three I made so far:

Love them all!!!!  I wan't planning to sell them, but someone at work asked about a set, specifically the black ones, so I may sell it and make me some more.  I can definitely see them get better the more I make.  They are VERY time consuming, though!

The other quick project I did was this:
Dominoe Bag

And what to you carry in it?  Why, Dominoes, of course!!!
Dominoe Bag
We have some friends who we have supper with every so often and it's fun to play Dominoes with them, so this bag will make it easy to carry the Dominoes around to and from their house.

I made a trip to JoAnn's last week and found this neat fabric.  I haven't decided what I'm going to make yet, but it will be something for the trip.  Maybe a beach cover-up???
Fabric for Hawaii Trip

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