Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chair is DONE!!!!

Yesterday I received the upholstery supplies I ordered online, and was glad I didn't need to work today.  So the day was spent working on the chair and it's DONE!!!  YAY!!!

It took me all day long! (Remember this is the first thing I've ever recovered.)  And I only had to make one trip to WalMart to get more staples, nails and tacks.

Here is the before:
Wing back chair to recover

And After with the ottoman:

 Here is the ottoman before:

and after:
Ottoman After
I'm not sure where it's going to go for sure, but for now I put it in the living room in place of the glider:
 I'm pretty happy with the way they came out - especially since it was my first try!

Now I'll have to find something else to keep me busy when I'm not working.  Maybe another trip to the thrift store???

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ottoman is DONE!!!!

I ended up not working today, so decided to work on the ottoman.  Yesterday I had taken it all apart and cut out the fabric, so today all I had to do was sew it (easier said than done).

At first I thought it had not been recovered, but found out it had been.
The bottom layer had the top as a pillow, not just smashed on like the green fabric.  So I decided, of course, to recover it as it was originally done and not the "easy" way like the green fabric was.

This was the bottom fabric - I imagine it was very pretty when it was new:

So this is the "before":
And "after":    I had to re-do the bottom twice because I goofed it up the first time.
Ottoman After

It's not the best, but I'm pretty happy with it.    I think it will go well with the chair once it's done.  I have the supplies ordered, so as soon as they get here I'll try to get it finished. (And I still need to put the cambric on the bottom, and that's part of what I ordered.)  I really had fun doing it - give me a nice sense of accomplishment!

Now I'll just have to figure out where to put them in the house once they are done.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Chair is coming along......

I finally had some time to work on the wing-back chair I bought last year.  I had done the cushion a few weeks ago,  but today I finally sat down to sew a couple of the pieces and put them on the chair.  I broke down and bought an electric staple gun and that made things A LOT easier.

Here's the progress so far:




Other side:

Front with cushion:
It looks a little wonky because I just threw the cushion on, I'm hoping it will look better once it's all done and I steam it.

That's all I can do for now, I need to order the ply-grip and a few other things.

One of the things we brought home from Todd's Grandma's house was an ottoman, so I went to get more fabric and will recover it with the same fabric.  I think they will look good!

I guess I can start taking it apart while I wait for the supplies to get here to finish the chair.
 I'd LOVE to hear comments!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Excited! Can't wait to use this!

Last week we went to Pleasant Hill, IL to clean out Todd's grandmother's house.  She passed away last year and the house is getting ready to be sold, so the family all went last week/weekend to get what we wanted.  Todd and I had purchased a 6x12 trailer for the trip and came home with it FULL!!!!!  Among the other treasures we brought home was an old sewing machine.


I haven't tried it out or looked at it very close, but I'm excited to try it out.  This will be my "work horse" - the older machines are made of metal, so they don't break like new ones do.  The Kenmore I have is made of plastic and I've broken a few of the parts and had to replace them.

I'm going to update my personal blog with more pictures of things we brought home.  You can find it here.