Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Christmas Trip to Nebraska.

On Saturday night, Todd and I drove to Beatrice NE to meet my parents and get Mom's old industrial sewing machine!!!! We drove through a brief snow storm, but the roads weren't bad. Falls City had a blanket of ICE Saturday morning when we woke up, so I was worried the roads would be bad, but a few miles out of FC the roads were cleared. It was windy and COLD when we met Mom and Dad to change the machine from their PU to ours, so after Todd had it tied down, we went to RUNZA for a quick supper. (We don't have them in Texas, so that is a MUST place to eat when we are up north.) Todd and I had a tough time getting the machine unloaded when we got home last night, but it worked and it's in the garage waiting to be cleaned and oiled before it gets used. I can't even explain how excited I am to have it! I can't WAIT TO SEW ON IT!!!!!!!! Here is what it looks like now:


 I can't wait to use it! For a while Mom used to recover furniture and redo car interiors, so that is what she used the machine for. I remember both her and Dad working in the barn and going out to help or watch. That was a LONG time ago!!!!

Mom also gave me her button maker!
P.S. - If you have a couple minutes, you can click on the ads I have on the blog and help me earn some extra $$ to go towards my sewing expenses!!! LOL Thanks a bunch!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My new gym bag!!!

I saw a post on craftster with a tutorial to make this bag a while ago and finally decided to start it yesterday. I'm going to use it as a gym bag (the new gym in town opened last week) and also will use it when Todd and I head to Nebraska for Christmas on Thursday. I'm really excited about how it came out. I'm going to make a couple cosmetic bags to match it.

Here is the finished bag. There is a large pocket on each side that have velcro for closure. I made some red piping for the outside pockets - I think it adds a lot!
The long handle is removable - I found these at WalMart when I bought the zippers
Inside I made three pockets on each side like I do in my purses (I already packed the bag for my trip to the gym after work today)

The pattern was really easy to make. I used two layers of heavy interfacing for the bottom and the large sides, so I'm hoping it will hold it's shape. It will be fun to make some other sizes and play around with the pattern a little.

This may be the last post until after Christmas. (Unless I get the matching cosmetic bags done and have time to take pictures.) Tonight I'm off to the gym for my fourth work out in five days. I decided to take yesterday (Sunday) off since my legs HURT! Today I'll do my "A" day workout - upper body and some cardio. We're having left overs for supper, so I don't have to do much for that. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we're having Spaghetti, but I'll try to brown the hamburger tonight and put it in the crock pot when I'm home at lunch tomorrow. Wednesday we're having the kids over for supper and we'll open presents. Then Todd and I are heading to church at 9 pm. Early Thursday, weather permitting, we'll head to Nebraska and be there until Sunday. We both have to work on Monday morning. It will be a quick trip, but we'll get to see McKenna and her parents, my parents for a few minutes and we'll be staying with Todd's parents and his grandmother.

1/26/10 - I've been asked to post the link to the craftster tutorial that I used - you can find it here .  I'd love to see pictures of the finished bags!!!  You can email them to me at jylslife (at) gmail ( dot) com

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm taking a chance

posting this, since it's a Christmas present, but I don't think my sister checks my blog very often. ;)

She was nice enough to send a stained glass piece with my parents when they came to visit, and since Todd and I are planning to go to Nebraska for a couple days for Christmas, I thought I'd make her a purse. I went over to Kinsey Interiors last Friday to look at their fabric and really liked this one. I started on it Saturday and finished last night. I hope she likes it.

Finally updating my blog!!!!!

I've been busy lately. We got together with the kids to decorate Christmas cookies and to celebrate Angel's 4th birthday (it was Monday, 12/15). Here are some pictures from cookie decorating:

I wasn't very happy with the recipes I tried for the Sugar Cookies, so if anyone has a good one, please let me know!

And pics of Angel opening his birthday presents:
We gave him money to go pick out his own present. I can't believe he's FOUR!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Angel's school picture 2008


Quilt top is DONE!

Last night I finished the quilt top!!!!! Added the boarders and serged around the edges since it will be after the first of the year before I can put it in and start quilting it. I quilt by hand, so it will take up our entire living room and with Christmas so soon, I need to wait.

Here is the final result - the boarders add a lot! I made the boarder at the top of the quilt smaller so I'll be able to tell what goes on the top of the bed - a trick my mom uses.

I also took pictures of the Christmas tree and fireplace "mantel" - practically the only Christmas stuff we have up.
Todd put the stocking up this year.
And the fireplace with the lights on (sorry it's blurry, you get the idea).

Today the girls and grandkids are supposed to come over to decorate Christmas cookies and to celebrate Angel's birthday. It will be fun, but I still have a bunch of cookies to make, so I'm up early.

I also decided I'm going to make a purse for my sister for Christmas since we are heading to Nebraska on Christmas Day. I bought some more fabric at Kinsey Interiors Friday, so will use one of those. I'll post pictures if I get it done early enough.

I will have to work Christmas Eve, probably until 1 or so, then we'll have the girls and grandkids over to celebrate Christmas. I'm planning on a casual supper of Chili and grilled cheese sandwiches, then opening presents. Todd and I will get up really early the next morning (Thursday) to start our long drive to Falls City, Nebraska. We are taking both dogs and driving the pickup so that we can meet my parents sometime while we are there to get mom's old commercial sewing machine. I can't wait!

While in Falls City, we'll stay at Todd's parents and get to spend lots of time with Todd's grandma. Megan and family will come up sometime so we can get a 5 generation picture. We'll head home either Saturday or Sunday (at the latest) since we both have to work again Monday. It will be a quick trip, but at least this year I don't have to drive it by myself.

Better get those cookies in the oven.... :D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mom's purse is done!

I finally finished Mom's purse Sunday morning. I had a hard time with the lining Saturday night, so decided to quit and start again Sunday. After about 20 minutes working on it Sunday morning, it was DONE!

It's finally the right size - not too big. I think she will like it. Here are the photos that I took quick when I was home at lunch yesterday.


I still haven't decorated for Christmas, so I think I'll do that sometime this week. Todd's already gotten the Christmas stuff off the shelves in the garage, so all I have to do is have him bring them into the house. I need to decorate at the office, too, but that's just putting the tree out - last year Jason put the tree in the corner of the storage closet without taking the ornaments off, so it will take me just a few minutes. I'll take pictures of our house after I'm done decorating.

Next week Angel turns 4! He's getting so big (they all are).

I still can't believe Christmas is soon! Todd and I are going to go to Nebraska so we can get a 5 generation picture with him, his Mom, his Grandma, Megan and McKenna. We are planning to leave Thursday morning and drive home Sunday. We are also planning to meet my parents to get Mom's old commercial sewing machine that she said I can have. ANOTHER TOY!!!! :D I can't wait!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm borrowing photos

of McKenna from Megan's myspace page.
Isn't she ADORABLE!!!!!!

And here is McKenna with her Great, Great Grandma (Todd's grandma) Rena from IL (she was the recipeint of the brown and orange purse I made).