Monday, April 30, 2012

I tried something new last weekend.

One of the ladies at work had an old cosmetic bag that she wondered if I could make a new one.  She let me bring it home.  I did get another one made, I see some flaws in it, but it really turned out pretty good!

This is hers:

Hers needs to be cleaned, but she can't get it clean, plus where the hanger hooks on it's ripping.

Hers and the one I made:

Here they are hung up together


The one major flaw is that the corners don't match up, so it doesn't sit up good and that's why it's all "wonky" when hanging.  I won't point out the few other mistakes.  lol

It really is a nice bag, but with all the supplies (mesh, four small zippers, vinyl and one purse zipper), I'd have to charge quite a bit for it, plus the one I made took me at least 9 hours!  I'm not sure if she's going to want one or not, but it was fun trying and I may fix this one and use it myself!!!!

We've got all the details of our trip to Hawai'i in December ironed out.  It's charged on our credit card and hopefully will be paid off before the trip!  We're putting at least half of my paychecks toward the trip and the last two weeks I worked four days each week.  It was too much and really reminded me of why I left in the first place, but I'll put up with it for a little while to get this trip paid for quicker.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I made another cover for my binder!!!!

The first one was OK, but I had wanted it large enough to sew around the edges and I wasn't very happy with the closure.  So, went to Hobby Lobby one day and they had this really neat travel fabric.  We're planning to spend Christmas in Hawai'i this year to see Todd's oldest and her family, so this was perfect!!!!

Here's the front:
Second Binder Cover, Front

Open and inside the front cover - added an extra layer so I could use it to store paper in, and also a couple slots for business cards.
Inside Front Cover

Inside the back cover - storage for extra papers and a slot for sticky notes!

Inside Front Cover

And the back
Second Binder Cover, Back

Unfortunately, that's about all the sewing I've done for a while.  I'm back to work minimum 33 days a week, sometimes more.  Plus, we built a garden enclosure and I've been planting vegetables!!!!  You can see the post about it here.