Friday, September 25, 2009

Another BLB (Belt Loop Bag)

While I was out running around on Tuesday, I bought some more fabric to make some more belt loop bags. Someone asked me if I could make them out of leather, so I was looking for that, but the fabric stores only have poly-leather that they sell by the yard. The only REAL Leather piece I could find was about 18"x18" and the cost was $26.99 - not very practical for my bags. If I want to make a profit, I'd have to charge a lot of money.

Anyway, this was my first try - again, I didn't use a pattern, just made it up as I went along. The one thing I did forget to do was to add a label! UGH!

So this is made out of some of the poly-leather (brown, I also bought some black), with this fabric as the lining:
Belt Loop Bag Fabric

Here is the completed bag:
Brown belt loop bag

Brown belt loop bag

Brown belt loop bag

Brown belt loop bag

Brown belt loop bag

As always, comments are appreciated!!!!! :D

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Second Belt Loop Bag is done!

I have so much fun making these! I cut this one out at the same time I did the other one, so it didn't take me long to sew it. I did add two pockets to this one and used Alexander Henry fabric for the lining. It turned out very well, too!

BLB w/ AB Fabric
It's pretty much the same size as the other one.

BLB w/ AB Fabric
And the same shape.

BLB w/ AB Fabric
With zipper and tabs on the side.

But this one has pretty fabric (not that the other one isn't pretty)!!!!! LOVE this Alexander Henry fabric!
BLB w/ AB Fabric

And the pockets will help keep things a little more organized!
Amy Butler Fabric

Here is the listing for it on my shop. Christmas is around the corner!!!! (hint hint) lol

As always, comments are appreciated!!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

FINALLY I have a new belt loop bag done!

I started this a few days ago, but couldn't get it to go together correctly. I was going to try to put the zipper on the outside edge, but it didn't work. When that happens, I just have to sleep on it, then it dawned on me late last night to split the top and put the zipper in the middle. I also added some tabs to grab onto when you open and close the zipper, which helps A LOT! The outside is not real leather, it's pleather (plastic that is made to look like leather). The inside is the pink skull fabric that is really cool! I just LOVE this bag!!!!!
Belt Loop Bag

Belt Loop Bag

Belt Loop Bag

Belt Loop Bag

Belt Loop Bag
(this was taken in our guest bathroom - I didn't realize how dirty the mirror is!)

I didn't put pockets in the lining because I wasn't sure I could get it to work out, but I have another one cut out (with different lining fabric) that I think I will add the pockets.

I've posted it on my etsy shop for sale. Here's the link.

I'd love to hear comments! I'm VERY happy with how it turned out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another commissioned purse!

I had my aunt Eunice request a purse, so when I was on my trip last week, I took along fabric samples for her to decide what she wanted it made out of. I also had the purse that I made for Todd's grandma along, so took that for her to see. She decided she wanted the "Samantha" design (which is my favorite one to make), and the brown fabric that I'm also going to cover the wing-back chair in (I have LOTS of it). I had some really pretty gold fabric that I used for the inside. I spent the yesterday afternoon on it and finally finished it right after supper last night. Today I'll put it in the mail, then spend the rest of the day job-searching.

Here are the pictures of her purse:
Purse for Eunice

Purse for Eunice

Purse for Eunice

Purse for Eunice

Purse for Eunice

Purse for Eunice

The purse is 10.5" by 4.5" and is 7.5" tall. The straps have a 13" fall. There are outside pockets on all four sides (velcro closure on the long sides), 6 various sized pockets on the inside and has a d-ring on the inside to hang keys.

I hope she likes it! All I need to do is print off an invoice and get it packaged up. I'm mailing it to my Mom since I don't have Eunice's address.

And a funny story about the purse I made for Todd's grandma - she was changing purses in her room at the nursing home, and figured out the pockets were too small for her to put her wallet and checkbook in. (Had I known she puts them in pockets, I would have made them larger.) One of her favorite nurses came in (the one who she says saved her life when she had her last heart attack and sat with her the entire day) and was looking at it, said they could rip a seam out so that it would fit and Grandma said she was really admiring the purse. So Grandma just decided to give it to her! Grandma was worried that I would be upset about her giving it away, but I told her that it's her purse to do with what she wants, so it was fine. She's really worried about Todd's parents (update on my personal blog here).

If anyone is interested in a purse, bag or anything else I make, please feel free to contact me! I can be reached at or via my etsy shop here.

Thanks for stopping by! Comments are always welcome!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another ETSY sale!

I got home yesterday after a 10-day vacation to visit family and received an e-mail saying I had another sale on my ETSY shop!

This bag and matching cosmetic bag is on the way to Mary in Kansas! Thanks, MARY!
Oriental "Tabitha" bag

On my trip I also delivered Todd's grandmother's purse, she was very excited! Here it is:
Green Foral Purse

I also received the hardware I was waiting on for Madge's belt loop bag, so here it is completed:
I put it in the mail today, also. (Sorry that's a bad picture, I took it just before putting it in the box this morning.)

One of my aunts also ordered a purse, so I'm going to start on it today and hopefully get it done this weekend. It will be the "Samantha" design (like Todd's Grandmother's), in the brown fabric with gold interior.