Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's the list of what I have done so far for the craft bazaar next week:

4 sets of Baby Booties
baby booties
2 Travel Wallets
travel wallets
5 Travel Jewelry Holders
travel jewelry holders
4 Book Covers
book covers
3 Credit Card Wallets
credit card wallets
1 flat Cosmetic Bag
flat cosmetic bag
7 Triangular Cosmetic Bags
triangular cosmetic bags
5 Sleep Masks
sleep masks
6 Baked Potato Bags
baked potato bags
3 Belt Loop Bags
belt loop bags
2 Tote Bags
tote bag
tote bag
2 small Christmas Purses (the snowman one comes w/ matching cosmetic bag)
Christmas purses
1 brown Purse
brown purse
1 lime green Purse (it was crushed on the shelf - it will look better after I press it.)
lime green purse
Reusable Grocery Bags - (they all have buttonholes and hooks so they fit in the bag frames at the store)
1 set of three
set of three reusable grocery bags
1 set of four (w/ matching cosmetic bag)
set of four reusable grocery bags
1 set of five
set of five resuable grocery bags

I'm always available for special orders!!!!!   Comments are appreciated and thanks for looking!


Samantha said...

I LOOOOVE the shadow box!! Can't wait to see the earrings that you made too!!

Madge said...

very nice - hope you have a good turnout for your craft fair.
Question - what do you do with the potato bags?? Had not seen those before.

Jyl's Life said...

The baked potato bags allow you to cook potatoes and other vegetables in the microwave in just a few minutes. The potatoes come out tasting like they were cooked in the oven for an hour. I never liked potatoes in the microwave until I made one. We've made broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, brussel sprouts in it and they come out great. You can also heat tortillas or bread in them. The bag really comes in handy when it's so HOT during the summer and you don't want to heat the oven.