Friday, April 30, 2010

I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday,

I needed some transparent thread for my sewing projects, but while I was there I also bought a few other things.

I FINALLY bought a shadow box to put Buddy's collar, picture and poem in.  Todd was pretty happy with it.  And the frame was 50% off!!!!!  :D
Buddy Shadow Box

And since last weekend, I've been thinking of trying to make my own jewelry, so I bought some things to try it and this is what I came up with.
First Pair: 
earrings 1
Second Pair:
Earrings 2

I'd LOVE to hear your comments!!!


Madge said...

very impressed with the shadow box!!
Jewelry looks great - I've looked at all they have to buy at Michaels - looks like you could go crazy - so many different ideas and styles and beads, etc. Good luck with this!!

Jyl's Life said...

Thanks, Madge! Hobby Lobby had the shadow box at 50% off!!! :D