Thursday, November 11, 2010

No, I haven't stopped sewing.....

Just haven't take time to update my blog for a while.  After the tablecloth was done, I decided I wanted to have some place mats to use so the tablecloth won't get dirty right away.  I had some fabric left over so used it to make place mats.

I made two of each of these:

And yesterday I decided I needed another wallet, so decided to make one to match my purse (of course, lol).  It took me ALL DAY, but I designed one that had everything I wanted - mainly a zippered pocket for bills and coins, enough slots for debit cards, etc, and a pen holder.  This is what I came up with:

 Drivers license

So now my set includes:  purse, coin purse, kleenex holder, cosmetic bag, laptop bag, wallet (this one), travel wallet, credit card holder, sunglass holder, book cover, notebook cover and a few other small pouches to hold things in in my purse.  But I still have some fabric left, so we'll see what else I make!! :D

I've also started working on the quilt I made for our bed again.  I've found Nel's (MIL) sewing machine quilts much better with the walking foot than my machine with the walking foot.  Hopefully it will be done soon, but here is the picture I took today.

Happy Veterans Day, everyone!  Take time to thank a veteran for their service to this country!

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