Tuesday, May 14, 2013

After three (and a half) trips to Nebraska, I'm finally home for a while!

It's been so busy for me, but I finally got home a couple of weeks ago.  My FIL had surgery on April 19, 2013 to correct his Aortic Aneurysm and it went very well.  I stayed with him to recover, then he had an Eye Dr. appointment at the VA Hospital in Omaha on May 1, so decided to stay to take him to that.  He also had a follow-up appt with the surgeon on May 2, so once he got a clean bill of health, I headed home again.  That trip was two weeks, so I was very anxious to get home!  I didn't take Brute with me this time, since we were going to be had the hospital and staying with my parents a few nights, I just thought it would be best to let Samantha keep him.  I don't know who was more excited for me to get home - me or him.  I missed him SOOO MUCH!!!

I did get to spend a little time with my family in Milford, and my sister on the last trip.  (Saw my parents on the other visits, but it never worked out to see her.)  Anyway, she wanted me to make a coat for her grand-dog (her son's dog, she doesn't have grandKIDS yet).  (I had made one for Brute and our trips to Nebraska, so I'll need to upload those pictures and do a separate post.)  They are fans of the Chicago Bears, so I found some fleece to use.  Here's the finished product before I sent it to her:
 photo null_zpsc21d74b6.jpg

The inside:
 photo null_zpsc769e5d7.jpg

And the picture she sent me yesterday after she received the package:
 photo null_zps2a77cf3c.jpg
His name is Zeus.  lol  A really nice pit bull.

I'm so glad it fits.  She sent along the old coat they had for him so I used that as a pattern.

Oh, and this was the first thing I made with my NEW SEWING MACHINE!!!  Not that I needed another one, this is #6.  I put three of the old ones upstairs and whenever the girls are ready, they can have them.

I'm itching to get back in the office to do some more sewing so keep checking back!  I'm going to try to get back to posting blogs more often!  (We have a trip coming up to Las Vegas, so if I make anything for that I'll make sure to post them)

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