Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tried something new - MUG RUGS!!

We went through a rough spell with one of my grandkids.  He was having MAJOR behavioral problems in school.  As soon as I found out about it, I got involved to help his mom and got to know his teachers and some school administrators.   (I actually sat in his classroom all day for a week or two.)  Luckily, with a few counseling sessions and some extra attention, he's doing much better.  YAY!!!!  I'm so proud of him!

Since the end of the school year is approaching and I've been playing with my new embroidery machine, I decided to make something for the people who helped us through the rough patch.  I've been seeing people post Mug Rugs on Pinterest, so thought I'd try them.

Sunday I decided to tackle this new adventure.   Since I took some time last week to organize my fabric, it was much easier to find fabric that goes together.   (I sorted my fabric by color.)  After deciding what fabrics to use, the next step was to find some embroidery designs to use.  So, without further ado, here are the finished projects:

This is for the Principle - she was a big part of working with us.  I had quite a few meetings and phone calls with her.  This is one of the last designs I embroidered, and one of the few designs I've purchased.   I think it turned out pretty well.
 photo 04092014023_zps3002b543.jpg

This one is for the Assistant Principle - I spent a couple of days in her office so knew she likes Yorkies.  This was a free design!
 photo 04092014024_zps4fc61118.jpg

This is for another staff member who helped in the beginning.  I just have to say, men are harder to make things for!!!!   Their school mascot is a polar bear = another free design.

 photo 04092014021_zps111fc115.jpg

The last two are for his teachers.  When I sat in class with him, he had Mrs. McDonald in the morning and Mrs. Haas in the afternoon.  After Christmas break, they decided to try to switch and he's doing much better.   Both of these were also free designs.
 photo 04092014020_zps28d220d7.jpg

 photo 04092014022_zpsd2c497be.jpg

I found five different web sites that post free designs - it changes every 10 minutes, so I've gotten TONS of free ones from there.  Free is always the best, but there have been a few I've purchased.

Anyway, I really hope they enjoy the gifts.  Mug Rugs are really fun to make - I'm thinking I need one now!!!  :D

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