Sunday, August 16, 2009

Belt Loop Bag Prototype

One of my friends on Facebook asked me if I could possibly make a "Belt Loop Bag". I researched a little bit and found a few online, could not find any patterns or tutorials though. I went to a Harley Davidson shop here in town yesterday morning to look at a few. I started one yesterday, but the design didn't turn out so well, so this one I made today. It worked out much better, but I'm still not totally sure I'm happy with it. I would add slots for credit cards/drivers licenses inside and a d-ring for keys, so I'm anxious to see what she says about it.

Here is the finished project:

This picture turned out bad, but the bag is almost 9 inches wide and 6 inches tall (without the straps, which could make it as long as 13 inches if someone wanted it that long.)

Top showing zipper under flap - I could possibly put the zipper on the outside seam instead if right underneath the flap.

Open (and empty) - it would be hard to make a "divider", but I could definately add the slots for credit card/driver license and d-ring.

Inside - I put one of our old 35mm cameras and my cell phone to show how much room there is.

Instead of making the bottom flat, I made it go to a point so it would take up less room.

And this is what I would add to the straps to use to clip it onto belt loops.

The fabric I used was an old pair of Todd's work jeans and muslin for the inside, so the finished projects would be made with better fabric and would be prettier. I could also customize them with different colored thread for the topstiching, etc. Oh, and just a little bit of velcro underneath the flap to keep it closed. And of course, I could make some that do not have the flap at all.

So I'm anxious to hear what you think, Madge!!!!


Madge said...

I think it looks awesome!! What a great job! And I love your ideas for future bags. The slots for cards/license is a good idea. And perhaps a small zippered pocket on the inside to hold cash/change.

I think people will like both ideas of flap and no flap.

And the different decorating ideas is perfect. I think there might even be some different types of d-rings to use also.

What's next????

Madge said...

Ok - question - can you show me a picture of the wallet inside of the bag?
and maybe the camera/phone/wallet inside the bag. Those would be the 3 typical things I would carry.

Cotton Bags said...

The slots for cards/license is a good idea.Yummy blog! Thanks for giving out your creative mind’s eye.