Sunday, August 23, 2009

Commissioned Belt Loop Bag

I received a request for a belt loop bag, so I worked on it yesterday. The main bag is done, and I went to find the last piece of hardware to make the strap adjustable, but couldn't find the exact piece I'm looking for at WalMart, JoAnn's Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. I did find them online, so ordered them but don't know exactly how long it will take to receive them. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Belt loop  bag for Madge

Top (no flap):
Belt loop  bag for Madge

Inside empty- there are two pockets and I also added a d-ring:
Belt loop  bag for Madge

Inside - I added my wallet, phone and camera so show the room in it:
Belt loop  bag for Madge

The length from the top of the hooks to the bottom of the bag is 15 inches, width is 8.5 inches.
Belt loop  bag for Madge,Belt loop  bag for Madge

1 comment:

Madge said...

It's looking great - can't wait to get it! And thanks for showing how everything fits into it - it will be perfect for our day trips!!

Thank YOU so much for doing this for me!