Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Project - this one for church

Every year the major fundraiser for our church is "Wurstbraten"

Todd and I always help and are going to again, and for the past three years, I've sewn stuff for the "Country Store".  One year I made a purse, one year I made reusable shopping bags, last year I made some baked potato bags, so while we were at church yesterday morning, I was trying to figure out what I'd make this year.  The bulletin for the service had this on the front:
Church Pillow 10/2010

I got looking at it and wondered if I could do something with it.  Got home and started going through all my fabric and started playing with stuff.  This was my rough-draft:
Church Pillow 10/2010

And this morning I finished it into a pillow!  (I'm thinking of sewing about 1/2 inch around it so it fits the pillow better, but haven't decided yet.)
Church Pillow 10/2010

The nice thing was I didn't have to buy anything for it - all the fabric I had from things I bought or what I brought home from Falls City last year, and the pillow was something we brought home last year.  I also used Nel's sewing machine for the wording on the bottom. (Took me FOREVER to get it just right.)

I hope someone enjoys it!


Madge said...

Great job Jyl - I know it will go fast!!

Jyl's Life said...

Thanks, Madge!!!