Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shawl is done!

I finally decided the shawl is long enough, so finished it the other day.  I've been reading online about "blocking" knitted things, so thought I'd try it.  It is usually done (I think) for lacy things so you can see more detail, but I wanted to try it to stretch it out, so we'll see if it works.  Years ago when Todd bought my craft table for me from Craigslist, it came with a large cardboard thing and I finally used it!  It really worked great for the blocking, because it's marked every inch and I used lots of pins.  Then I sprayed it with lots of plain water,so I hope it works.  Anyway, I snapped a couple of pictures.




It measures 11 inches wide by 68 inches long.  I set it under the ceiling fan in the office, so hopefully it won't take too long to dry.  It's going to be really nice when it's colder outside!  (Yesterday it was 82 here, but Christmas is supposed to be in the 50's.)

I also finished a couple other craft projects, but they are Christmas gifts, so can't be posted yet.  Once they are given out in January, I'll post them.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!


Carolyn said...

The shawl looks great. I'm sure your other hand crafted gifts will look fantastic also.

Jyl's Life said...

Thanks, Carolyn!