Thursday, December 30, 2010

Food this time!

I've been knitting and am done with the scarf and fingerless glove, but haven't taken pictures yet.  Yesterday, however, I decided to make some Cinnamon Rolls!  Todd gave me Pioneer Woman's Cookbook for Christmas (YAY!) and she has a recipe for them in it that's supposed to be really good.  Yesterday, however, I decided to use our family recipe.  First I tried to make the dough in the bread machine, but it's too big of a recipe, so had to finish it with the mixer.  Anyway, I decided to snap pictures of the finished projects.  :D


Pictures aren't great because I used my small camera, but they taste really good!  Still not quite like when my Mom makes them, but still good.  Maybe I roll them out too thin, not sure.

I'm thinking of next time use PW's recipe and see which one I like the best.

I took a quick trip to Michael's the day after Christmas because they had most of their yarn on sale, so I bought 6 skeins (2 skeins each of 3 different kind/color).  I also had to get some Christmas stuff that was 50% off.  And I bought a set of 12 holiday wine glasses (with gold on the rim) at Target for 50% off - $7.50!!!  They will go great with the china we brought home from Todd's grandma's house in IL.

So I've started another scarf - this one white.  I'm using the circular knitting needles again - I really like them.

After all of our Christmas celebrations are done, I'll have another post to show what I made for Megan and Kate.

Tomorrow is New Year's eve, everyone have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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