Monday, April 18, 2011

Organizational Tools

We had some of the grandkids over yesterday to color Easter Eggs and do an Easter Egg Hunt.  (See my other blog here.)  I always have a bunch of Egg coloring kits because I go to Wal-Mart after Easter and buy the kits for really cheap.  I try to be "thrifty" that  So I decided instead of just throwing everything back into a white plastic bag, I'd sew some bags so I could tell what was in each one.  I had already done it with Christmas fabric to keep cooking cutters, decorations, etc in it, so decided to do the same with some colored "egg" fabric I had, and while I was at it, why not use some Halloween fabric for the pumpkin carving stuff?  So these are the bags I have now:

I'm lucky enough to have a pretty large pantry, so I put them on the top shelf so they are out of the way.

It will be SO NICE to just grab the Halloween bag when it's time to carve pumpkins again!!!!!!

The tutorial for making the shopping bag is on Craftster and can be found here.  They are very easy to make and I get lots of compliments on mine when I use them to get groceries.  Here is a link to the post with the shopping bags I use - they are the first ones shown.  LOVE THEM!!!!!


Madge said...

I like your bags - they look really strong. Sometimes I think the bags I bought at the stores will bust wide open from overstuffing! ;)

Jyl's Life said...

Thanks, Madge! I NEVER worry about my bags breaking - I always have to tell the cashiers to stuff them as full as they can. They are washable, too, so that's nice. I also made some produce bags out of muslin to use. :D