Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The yoga pants are done....

and turned out very well. I bought enough fabric for two pair of pants, plus the pattern and elastic for $20. Pretty well considering I could have gone to Old Navy and paid $15 or $20 for ONE pair. Plus, when I decide to make some more, I won't need to buy the pattern again, so it will only be the fabric. I need to wash them, then figure out how to take a good picture of them. The waist on them is HUGE (thus the elastic) and I really don't want to take a picture of them on me. I did make the extra long and I really like them a lot.

It's been cold here the last 24 hours. It was in the 60's when I went to the gym at 5:15am yesterday, then a cold front came through and it was below freezing overnight (welcome to Texas). So I used the cold and possible ice on roads as an excuse to not go to the gym this morning. I usually don't go on Thursday, but will have to make sure to go tomorrow. I really need to watch what I eat more, but with Todd home it's hard. For instance, he made his oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies again on Sunday. He makes the HUGE!!! I can keep myself from eating more than one a day, but it would be lots easier if they weren't around. He also told me he ate FOUR yesterday!!!! UGH! Must be nice to eat that much and not gain weight!

I went to WalMart to buy the new movie out - FIREPROOF. I watched it alone last night (Todd went to bed early) and it's really good. I'd highly recommend it for everyone - whether single, in a relationship or married. The Sunday School class at Church we went to the last four weeks was based on it. It's about a couple almost divorcing and how they pulled their marriage back together.

Other than that, my payday is on Monday, so we'll be able to pay bills and PAY OFF OUR LAST CREDIT CARD!!!!! **HAPPY DANCE** Then we need to figure out a time to call Dave Ramsey and do our DEBT FREE SCREAM. :D

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