Friday, October 24, 2008

I whipped up a few of these last night

They are shopping bags - out of heavy material, so I didn't line them. I used my serger to finish the edges and sew most of them. I did attempt a few button holes on one of them, but I need to practice on them more (or, maybe, read the owners manual to the sewing machine LOL). They are patterned after the WalMart bags.

They hold quite a bit

After I made three of these, there is still a little fabric left. I do like the other shopping bags I've made since they have long handles that I can throw over my shoulder. I may try to make one out of this fabric if I have enough.

Unfortunately, that is all the sewing I've done this week. For some reason I just haven't had any new ideas, although I do have a TON of fabric that I need to use!

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Megan said...

Hey! Just a you know, I have a bunch of these shopping bags, however they all have flat bottoms. So maybe you might try doing the same style but with a flat bottom? Just thought it would be something else you could try. LOVE the fabric by the way!!