Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's been a while.......

since I last posted. Todd continued working in the garage and it's FINALLY done! Here are a couple pictures . (Todd actually MADE the workbench! There was a smaller one there that he tore out and built a much longer one.


While he was finishing that on Sunday, I decided to get some flowers for the backyard. I bought a couple hanging baskets and some other flowers at Home Depot. I had a couple empty hanging baskets at home from plants that died, so used them and leftover potting soil and transplanted the flowers. We have a total of five hanging plants back there. After that, I decided I needed some more so ran to WalMart and bought a bunch of other perennials and more potting soil - again, had pots in the garage from years gone by. Right now I have the plants on the steps next to the house because if I put them out too far into the backyard the deer will eat them.

See Brute peeking out at me? He's wondering why I went outside and made him stay inside! lol

I decided to add a splash of color in the front of the house.

Sunday afternoon we are having Tyler's birthday party here, so I'll move the flowers out then.

I'm waiting for Todd to hang some more shelves in the office for my fabric - I have a HUGE pile that I don't have room for! Hopefully tomorrow night. Tonight he put out poison for the nasty fire ants and did some other stuff outside.

I went to the gym this morning - up at 4:45 am so I'm tired and will be heading to bed soon.
Thursday night we are going to Dave Ramsey's "Town Hall for Hope" here in town. It will be a lot of fun and I'm very excited! http://www.townhallforhope.com/


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