Saturday, April 4, 2009

They say there are two happy days when you own a boat....

The first is the day you buy it and the other is the say you sell it. :D

It's GONE!!! We sold the boat!!!!!! Had someone come HOURS earlier than they were supposed to, but he had cash, so it's done. Now the garage seems EMPTY.

I also lucked out and found two old, large desks at a thrift store this morning - actually got both of them for what I would have paid for one. So we have re-arranging of furniture to do in the office/sewing room once they are cleaned up. The desks will store a lot of stuff, so it will be really nice to get everything it's own place and keep it there.

Long day and it's only 4:16. I'll try to update photos once we get some more work done.

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