Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just a quick post

because I have to get the house ready for Tyler's birthday party tomorrow. (Happy 4th Birthday, TyTy!!!!!)

Alyssa had one of her pictures in an art show last week! It was Thursday night, the same night as the Town Hall for Hope that we went to, so we didn't get to go. Tab took my camera to take some pictures, though. Here is Alyssa with her picture:

Tab also went back to Alyssa's school and took a few pictures of her playing.



Anyway, last night I fixed the top of our swing outside. (I posted some pictures before with the grandkids sitting on it.) Last year I re-did the seat and the top with canvas, but didn't know the canvass would shrink when it got wet, so it really pulled the sides. So last night I took the ends apart and added some more canvas so it fits better now. I'm hoping it doesn't shrink too much more, but it will work for this year.

Todd put up some more shelves in the office for my fabric. I need to find some shelf things - I don't know what they are called - today so I can add the last shelf. Then put my fabric on it and at least most of it will have a new "Home". The thing is, the shelves are right by the window, so I'll need to figure out how to make some kind of drape so that the sun doesn't fade the fabric too much. Overall, they really help with my "fabric stash" problem.

I did go over to Kinsey Interiors and bought some new fabric to make a laptop case and hopefully a matching purse, but haven't started it yet. I did get the fabric washed, so whenever I have time it's ready. I'd imagine I won't get to it until after Mom and Dad come down in May, though.

Have a great Weekend, everyone! I'll try to update with pictures from the birthday party on Sunday.


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