Monday, November 16, 2009

Home from quilt class

At our quilt class we worked on the main block.  It's similar to the block we did before, but a little different.   After ripping out a bunch of seams and working hard to get all the seams to match, my block was finally done!  It turned out very pretty!!!

Main block on Christmas Table Runner

I'm anxious to get the rest of it done.  We're meeting again in a couple weeks to go over the quilting, so I need to have it done by then.  I think I'll work on it and get the piecing done before I finish the second memory quilt.

Keep checking back!!!


Madge said...

Jyl - this is going to make a beautiful table runner for you Christmas table!!!
Great job!
Are you taking the class at JoAnn's?

Jyl's Life said...

Thanks, Madge! I have such fun trying new things.

We are fortunate enough to have a lady at church who used to own a quilt shop and she is doing the class for us for FREE!